Auvergne Monogenetic Volcanoes – overview, volcano – tectonic links, intrusion processes and human interactions.

The Auvergne region hosts the largest and most recent monogenetic volcanic fields in Europe. Set in the massif Central, uplifted to up to 1700 m in the Quaternary, the region is tectonically dominated by the Limagne Rift. While the Chaine des Puys is structurally linked to the rift, many other volcanic areas, such as the Velay, Sancy and Cantal are situated with no apparent link to the rift. The field trip will visit the Velay volcanoes, including the earliest pre-rift centres, and progress to the youngest, the Lac Pavin maar. Then the trip will concentrate on the Chaine des Puys, with visits to the Mardoux maar at Gergovie, the Lemptegy volcano, the Puy de Dome and the vineyards of the Chateaugay maar. This part of the trip will concentrate discussion on intrusion mechanisms into maars and sedimentary rocks, sills and maar fields, conduit formation in metamorphic basement, and tectonic links to monogentic volcanism. We will also consider the link between human and monogenetic volcanism, with the archaeology of the area, and present day cultural links to volcanism and their associated risks. The field trip will start from Olot and return there, with the option of leaving the trip at the end in Clermont-Ferrand.

Field trip leaders: Patrick Bachèlery, Pierre Boivin, Didier Laporte, Benjamin Van Wyk de Vries

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El Torín
C. DEL ROSER, 19, 17800 OLOT (SPAIN)

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